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Get serious about coffee!

Barista Level II

Thursday November 9th, 4pm—7pm

Get ready for work & build your confidence in making coffee in a fast paced work environment. This advanced course builds on the foundation of basic skills taught in Barista Level I& how to apply them in a fast-paced café setting.


This advanced course is taught by certified barista trainer and coffee roaster, Andi Davey. Participants will receive a certificate of completion, and will have an opportunity for work experience at Byron Flea!

Prerequisite: Barista Level I or an understanding of basic barista skills.

So...what will you learn?

Confidence with milk texturing, free pouring, and with making common & advanced coffee styles

Develop latte art techniques, café efficiency and work flow (sequencing and processing orders)

Practice taking orders & preparing coffees in a simulated fast-paced café environment

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All courses run from 4—7pm.

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COST: $50/person