Have a passion for expressing yourself? ACYP’s design competition is perfect for you.

Engage your creative side and be in with an opportunity to win a GoPro for you and one for your school/organisation/community group or club or runner-up prizes of a $100 or a $50 voucher.

To participate in the Advocate for Children and Young People’s (ACYP) Design Competition you are invited to draw, paint or digitally create a design using what more than 4000 children and young people in NSW said they wanted for their community as inspiration.

The winning designs will be transferred onto scarves and ties worn by NSW opinion leaders. Copies will also be provided to the NSW Premier, the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP and exhibited at NSW Parliament House during Children’s Week between 21 and 29 October.

Over 4000 NSW children and young people had their say on what is important to them, so we are asking children and young people to take their inspiration from what their peers have said. The qualities of a good society that children and young people wanted are Safe, Connect, Respect, Opportunity, Wellbeing and Voice. 

The categories are:

  • Category one – 0-5 year olds
  • Category two – 6-11 year olds
  • Category three – 12-17 year olds

The completion closes on Friday 13 October so hurry and start working on your design before it’s too late. Visit for more information on how to submit your design and to read the competition terms and conditions.

Winners will be announced during NSW Children’s Week this October, to learn more about NSW Children’s Week visit





The Byron Youth Activity Centre (The YAC) aims to create a beautiful, safe, & tranquil space for young people & their families. The YAC plays host to a variety of fantastic events like Spirit of the Bay, The Byron Flea Market, Young & Green, and loads of interesting workshops, educational programs/courses—and everything else in between—and has done for many years!

We encourage the community to come have a look and book their next event, workshop, courses etc at the YAC...where Young People Matter! From these bookings, we are able to maintain and upkeep this treasured oasis in the heart of Byron Bay.

The YAC is currently undergoing some renovations from grants received from Community Building Partnerships and Public Reserves Management Fund Program to continue beautifying this amazing space...



SUPERBAD is showing at the South Golden Community Centre on Friday the 1st of September! Tickets are by donation ♥️

A new movie will premiere the first Friday of every month...! We are looking for enthusiastic young people to take charge of future nights!  Get in touch with Karim on 0490 669 938 for more info...or if you need a lift to and from SGB Community Centre! ⚡️



Raised on hip-hop and foster care, defiant city kid Ricky gets a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside. He quickly finds himself at home with his new foster family: the loving Aunt Bella, the cantankerous Uncle Hec, and dog Tupac. When a tragedy strikes that threatens to ship Ricky to another home, both he and Hec go on the run in the bush. 

BYS had a special screening of HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE at the SGB HALL on Friday the 4th of August to raise funds for much-needed youth programs like NORTHERN LIGHTS in Ocean Shores. 


Early this year we ran a series of events called Northern Lights to meet the needs of young people living in the north of the shire. Sadly we do not have funding to keep running these events, however, the need is becoming more crucial.

We NEED your HELP to keep this program running. Consider donating financially, attending the training day to volunteer on the program, donating food, prizes or equipment, it's all welcome! 

It takes a child to inspire a community! 

iSNAP entrant ___ from the 2017 iSNAP "street" photography competition. 

iSNAP entrant ___ from the 2017 iSNAP "street" photography competition. 

An interview with a local young person.

What has been the best experience in your life?

Moving out of the Catholic School system. Moving to Byron High made a really good change for me, it meets my criteria and I can have a really good shot at a future now.

What inspires you?

My grandfather, definitely. I can't think of anything I've done that didn't require a little something from him - like his knowledge or money or talking to me. He's a very good person.

Who would you like to meet and what would you ask them?

Oprah -I'd like talk with her ask how she turned her bad past into something positive.

What would you like to see happen in Byron Bay?

If everyone was more friendly in the streets like it used to be. And less smoking,  especially at Top Park, because everyone sits so close to each other, it could really divide the atmosphere, it breaks up groups, conversations. If there was a designated spot for them to smoke where it could affect nobody but themselves.

When do you think a person becomes an adult and how?

I don't think it matters about age, when they take their own responsibilities, make their own appointments, travel, that's what makes somebody a mature adult.

What do you believe in?

I believe in a verbal community where you can say anything and express yourself and talk it out and not resort to those terrible things - war, violence. 'Cause if you don't speak about things it builds up and you end up hating the person way more than you have to.

What has been the worst experience in your life?

The second time my mum kicked me out was the worst. She dropped me off at the car - I had heaps of stuff with me because I just came back from a camping trip and she said 'Get out of the car, don't call me mum.' I didn't understand - made me resent others in authority, teachers or friends, because if I don't understand that's what happens.

What would you like to change in the world?

In a very broad aspect - authority. Just because somebody is trying to teach me why should they control everything I think - put the ideas out there, let me grab them, but then use them for my own good.

What's important in a relationship?

Trust. The person I want to be friends with or a boyfriend - I want to have very inviting energy and makes me feel safe.


When you support BYS, you're actually making a difference in the lives of young people, and, therefore, the FUTURE! We are the primary provider of youth services in the Byron Shire (since 1987!) and our mission, our vision, our goals & values are summed up in our motto:

'Young People Matter'

BYS is staffed by qualified and experienced youth workers committed to providing support and services for young people between the ages of 12 -24 years and their families in areas as far ranging as education support, enterprise, case management, group work, alternative education, harm and crime minimisation, outreach, holiday & after-school activities and parenting teens workshops. But that doesn't say it.

We support Mick, who has been in foster homes since he was 4 years old and doesn't fit in mainstream schools, to complete his high school certificate through distance education.

We advocate for 15-year-old Trish, who has been a witness of her mother's substance abuse for years and finds it hard to concentrate at school.

We provide enterprising Maxine with mentoring, support and free stall space to sell her homemade mobiles at the monthly BYS Flea Market.

These are just a few examples of how BYS helps young people. How can you help? Give us a call today!