Terms and Conditions of Hire

*Subject to change and updates

This document supersedes all previous documents relating to the terms, conditions and hire fees for the Byron Youth Activity


Hire Fee

Hire fee must be paid in full to confirm booking. If the hire fee is not paid at least one week in advance, BYS may cancel the

booking. Set up and pack down of the venue is the responsibility of the hirer. Hirers must allow time for set up and pack down in

the Booking Form. Any costs, fees and expenses incurred by BYS for non payment of hire fees by the hirer, including but not

limited to administrative costs, debt collection, agency fees and legal costs and expenses, will be met by the hirer.

Security Deposit

For all large group bookings or after hours bookings, a security deposit of $500 is required. The security deposit is held until

the post a BYS staff member completes event check and all keys returned. The security deposit covers any damage to furniture,

fixtures, the building or if there is excessive noise, cleaning charges or loss of keys. Security Deposit will be refunded only to the

person/organisation which originally paid it. The hirer is liable for any costs, loss or damage suffered as a result of damage

caused to the state of repair or condition of the venue during the hire period, and agrees and acknowledges that BYS may retain

all or part of the Security Deposit to cover any costs incurred by BYS for repairs or cleaning required as a result of the hirer’s use

of the hired venue (other than for wear and tear). BYS retains the right to determine the cost of any repairs or cleaning required.

The hirer agrees to pay BYS any such further amounts as are required to cover the cost of repairs or cleaning not covered by the

bond. BYS will not assume any responsibility for items left at the venue before, during or after the hire period by the hirer.

Key Collection and use of Access Code

Keys for the YAC are to be collected during business hours and are to be returned the day after an event. On confirmation

of the booking, BYS will issue the hirer with a key to the building and an access code for the building’s alarm system. On key

collection, the hirer will be provided with instructions and an orientation to the building’s alarm system. The hirer is expected to

ensure that the building is alarmed correctly at the completion of the event. Please note that $100 will be deducted from the

security deposit for loss of, or failure to return the key. Also if a security call out is required due to the hirer not alarming the

building correctly, a $100 call out fee will be deducted from the security deposit.

Public Liability Insurance

All hirers are required to have public liability insurance for $20 million. A certificate of currency must be provided to BYS

with the booking form as proof of public liability insurance to the value of $10 million. BYS reserves the right to refuse any

booking for non-supply of proof. In addition, the hirer shall do nothing, which will or is likely to prejudice or render void BYS’

insurance policies.

Provision of Security Personnel

BYS requires hirers organising large events to engage paid security staff at the suggested ratio of two security staff per 100

people. BYS reserves the right to have an employee/contractor and/or their own security personnel in attendance at any event

at the YAC. For details of local security services, please ask a BYS staff member.

Social Media

The hirer is responsible to promote the event and to ensure all publicity to be first okayed by the BYS Manager that in all

promotions to state that the YAC is a Drug & Alcohol free venue.

Hirer’s Responsibility for the Maintenance of Order during the Event

The hirer is required to be at the function for the duration of the event. The hirer is responsible for the conduct of all patrons

at their event, is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of good order during the period of hire, will be liable for any

damage caused by people attending the function, must familiarise themselves with the emergency exits, fire extinguishers, fire

hoses and facility evacuation procedures in case of an emergency, must ensure that noise levels are kept to an acceptable level in

respect of neighbouring residents, as indicated by BYS staff or by visual indication from a calibrated sound meter.

Should a BYS’ employee/contractor be called to an event - the hirer shall obey all reasonable directions of the BYS

employee/contractor during the period of hire, the BYS employee/contractor shall have complete control over all means of entry

and exit and may close the entrance doors and/or refuse permission to any person or persons, the BYS employee/contractor may

instruct the hirer to limit noise, music and/or voice amplification to an acceptable level to the satisfaction of the employee if in the

opinion of the responsible employee such noise is excessive.

Noise Restrictions

The hirer must ensure that noise levels are kept to an acceptable level in respect of neighbouring residents, as indicated by

BYS staff or, by visual indication from a calibrated sound meter. The noise must not be able to be heard from neighbouring

properties. No persons are permitted to make excessive noise on the street outside the YAC before, during or after the hire period.

The hirer shall obey all reasonable directions of a BYS employee/contractor in relation to noise levels. The BYS

employee/contractor may instruct the hirer to limit noise, music and/or voice amplification to an acceptable level to the

satisfaction of the employee/contractor if in their opinion of the noise is excessive. Amplified music must cease by 10pm from

Sunday to Thursday, and by 12pm midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.

Preparation of Food & Use of the Kitchen

The kitchen can be included as part of a booking. If the kitchen is used during an event, the hirer shall take full

responsibility for maintaining food safety standards and hygiene for the event, and ensure that the kitchen is left in a

spotless condition at the conclusion of the event. All compostable food waste (vegetable ONLY) is to be placed in the compost

rubbish bucket. Other rubbish is to be sorted into bins provided according to whether it can be recycled or not. BBQs are

permitted outside the building only.

Alcohol and Drugs

The YAC is a strictly Drug and Alcohol free venue.


No smoking is permitted in any building under the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 NSW.

Exits and Access

All fire exits are to be clear and useable without hindrance. Access for patrons with disabilities is to be accessible at all times.

Cleaning Up and Locking the Venue

The YAC must be left in a clean and neat condition by the hirer, and locked on the hirer’s departure following security procedures

identified at entry/exit points in the building.

︎ Venue must be returned to the original condition

︎ Tables and chairs must be stored in the allocated space after the event

︎ Tables must be wiped down

︎ Rubbish is to be placed into provided rubbish bins. Rubbish is not to be left outside the venue.

︎ Kitchen facilities must be left in a thoroughly clean condition ie: spotless.

Any damage to the YAC must be reported to BYS immediately. Should BYS discover damage to premises, the cost of repair or

replacement will be deducted from the hirer’s security deposit. BYS reserves the right to impose an additional waste disposal

charge after a booking when extra waste disposal and/or cleaning is needed.

Electrical Appliances

All electrical equipment brought into the YAC by the Hirer must be tested and tagged by an electrical professional. It is

the responsibility of the hirer to maintain any equipment brought into the venue to a safe standard that will not pose a threat to

the venue, patrons of the event or any staff, Committee members or contractor of BYS.

Restricted Items

Fireworks or any other articles deemed by BYS staff to be objectionable or the placing or throwing of matches, cigarettes, cigars

etc. on furniture, fittings, floors or elsewhere than in the receptacles provided is prohibited.

Observance of Laws

Staff Common Folder:BYS:C YAC:Booking forms:YAC Terms and conditions of hire .docx

The hirer must strictly observe all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ascertain which laws,

rules, regulations or ordinances may be applicable to the event.

Cancellation of Booking by BYS

BYS reserves the right to cancel a booking at anytime.

Right to Refuse Booking Application

BYS reserves the right to refuse an application for hire of a YAC space, or to cancel any reservation already made without

explanation, and to refund the fees and charges paid. BYS shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage or otherwise in

consequence of the exercise of this right.

Notification of Accident or Injury

Should there be an accident or injury arising through the hirer’s use, the hirer must inform BYS in writing immediately. See BYS

staff for an incident report form.


The hirer must not sublet.


Disputes arising between the hirer and a BYS employee/contractor should be referred to the BYS Committee of Management for


Your Privacy

The supply of personal information on all booking forms is voluntary, although failure to supply the information may result in

delays or rejection. The details provided are not publicly available. At any time you have access to view or correct any information

you have supplied. The information you have supplied will be stored at BYS offices and not used for any purpose other than the

booking of the venue.


Neither BYS nor its employees, contractors or committee members will be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the hirer, or

any person, firm, or corporation entrusted to or supplying any article or thing to the hirer by reason of any such article or thing

being stolen, damaged, or lost. The hirer agrees to indemnify BYS and its servants and agents, against any loss or damage in any

form sustained by the hirer or any person, firm or corporation, for liability as a consequence of the use of the facility. BYS shall not

be responsible for any loss of or damage to any property whatsoever belonging to the hirer or any person attending the function.

Thank you for booking the YAC